QUARRY Releases Contributions from the Suicide Pact Series

The STYLSS Suicide Pact compilation was a monthly release series started in 2013 as a means to motivate STYLSS producers to create a new track every month. The series ran for thirteen consecutive months. QUARRY has compiled his contributions into one “Suicide Pact” bundle to allow for easier consumption and to give proper release for … Continue reading QUARRY Releases Contributions from the Suicide Pact Series

STYLSS Sketches: Week 003

STYLSS Sketches: Week 003 are now live! Rule: 100 BPM Color: Sparkly White Week 003 features sketches by BITWVLF, Ollie Macfarlane [Official], Sigrah, PYN,Heavy Hand, Haarps, Golden Living Room, Lostodyssey, wokr, Sasha Jelten, Was Legit, & Quarry. Cover Art by Molly Brooks Art Direct Link to Soundcloud Playlist: https://soundcloud.com/stylss/sets/stylss-sketches-week-003 ______________________ STYLSS Sketches are curated to … Continue reading STYLSS Sketches: Week 003

Echavox – Queen of Heaven [STYLSS042] out now!

“Only the descent into the hell of self-knowledge can pave the way to godliness.” – Immanuel Kant This month we are bringing you a beautiful debut album from one of our youngest affiliates, Echavox. Download Queen of Heaven here. https://soundcloud.com/stylss/sets/echavox-queen-of-heaven Queen of Heaven video teaser: “Mumbles” Official Music Video via THUMP: Continue reading Echavox – Queen of Heaven [STYLSS042] out now!