//////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// STYLSS x BLACK WEEKEND SPECIAL //////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// Our limited edition & highly desired STYLSS gym shorts are now available to the public thru 12.02.2013 as apart of our BLACK WEEKEND SPECIAL. Order yours here:http://stylss.bandcamp.com/merch/stylss-gym-shorts-limited-edtion-for-black-weekend-special [Picture of BennyRox & Quarry via PDXlastnight.com] Continue reading

STOP TAKING YOUR SUNDAY SO SERIOUSLY: ROUND THIRTY-ONE This week features new tunes from Maal A Goomba,Soulection‘s Dpat, Danny Seth, Slugabed, Andy Hart,memotone, dirtRAID, Kaytranada, Madegg, && others. If you don’t know what this is every Sunday we each pick out a track to showcase our individual tastes in music & share that new new from the internet music scene. Get caught up! IF … Continue reading