Trent. Bares His Scars with New Single “Teeth Marks.”

“I just wanna be someone, someone lovely” sings a refreshingly earnest Trent. throughout his latest single “Teeth Marks.” Trent. is Trenton Clark, a Phoenix based songwriter, producer, and the latest addition to the STYLSS roster. Taken from his debut Trying To Be Less Toxic… EP set for release later this month, “Teeth Marks.” is a gloomy … Continue reading Trent. Bares His Scars with New Single “Teeth Marks.”


———————————————————-   HAARPS is the Moscow-based project of producer & singer Ilya Arkhipov. Often combining elements of future bass & witch house, HAARPS takes listeners to the next level with his “snowy surrealist” production and outstanding vocals. We recently caught up with HAARPS to discuss his black metal roots, day-to-day thought processes, and his ever-changing … Continue reading STYLSS Spotlight: HAARPS