———————————————————-   HAARPS is the Moscow-based project of producer & singer Ilya Arkhipov. Often combining elements of future bass & witch house, HAARPS takes listeners to the next level with his “snowy surrealist” production and outstanding vocals. We recently caught up with HAARPS to discuss his black metal roots, day-to-day thought processes, and his ever-changing … Continue reading STYLSS Spotlight: HAARPS

STYLSS Spotlight: GANGSIGNS ———————————————————————–

The soundscape of Portland is ever-evolving, fixated squarely on the shoulders of dedicated and innovative local artists. One of the driving forces pushing this DIY beast into uncharted territory is 27 year old producer & DJ Nick Sisouphanh, also known as GANGSIGNS. A native Oregonian, Nick has made his online presence known through a high output … Continue reading STYLSS Spotlight: GANGSIGNS


————————————————————————- Upon meeting Portland native Tyler Tastemaker (real name Tyler Sammons), I realized I was in a sacred space clearly built for his own obsession with sound design and music. A true studio space. Depending on what gear is accessible, one comes to realize the expansive wisdom he possesses through his comfortable nature with a … Continue reading STYLSS Spotlight: TYLER TASTEMAKER